newEndeavour update

This personal voyage has given an extraordinary sense of the time of the original voyage, three years have now passed since newEndeavour made its first re-encounter with the Atlantic island of Madeira in August 2002. In that time Ive travelled to Rio de Janeiro, Tierra del Fuego, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia, Cape Town and finally St Helena in the South Atlantic. Over the period I have stayed on time and in touch with the seasons of Cooks original landings.

In November 2004 the visits to Indonesia were particularly rewarding, especially to the remote island of Savu where today many aspects of life are little changed since the visit of the Endeavour.

In April 2005 the final stage of newEndeavour was completed this time to Capetown and St Helena where the Endeavour visited as Cook and his weary crew and passengers reentered the Atlantic on the final stages of the voyage home.

newEndeavour website

I am still working on new sections of the web site where there have been delays, the habitats and fauna sections will soon be available, please give me your feedback on the site, if you know any educators such as teachers please ask them to look at the site and give me suggestions on how it might be developed as a learning resource for your country. I plan to add some learning guidance notes in the next development.

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In the media

Here are a few examples of the media coverage that newEndeavour has been getting over the period.

20. 08. 02: Tim Radford - Guardian, UK:

Captain Cook for the Harry Potter generation

27/30.01.03: Ushuaia el diario del Fin del Mundo, Argentina:

Un emulo de James Cook a bordo del "Subral". ( Esp )

Regreso quien emulo la expedicion de James Cook. ( Esp )

03.07.03: La Depeche de Tahiti, French Polynesia:

Bob Bloomfield du Musee d'Histoire naturelle de Londres. Dans le sillage du capitaine Cook. ( Fr )